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  • Position1:Sales Representative
  • Quantity:50
  • Education:9/5000 College degree or above
  • Time:2021-02-02
Work description:
1, according to the company and sector sales strategy, develop personal daily, weekly, monthly work plan, and promote the implementation;
2, the completion of the investment sector to allocate the corresponding monthly sales tasks to enhance the company 's sales performance;
3, through the Internet, company resources, network and other means to find their own intention to customer resources for customer development, negotiation, follow - up, contract and customer maintenance;
4, the agents of the maintenance of customer service, help, solve the agents in the customer development and customer maintenance of the handling of difficult problems;
5, responsible for expanding the company's target customers, with the company's request to strengthen cooperation with the agents of communication;
6, to assist the director of the company to complete the day - to - day related work, collaborative completion of the sector (team) performance objectives;
7, the industry experience and team management experience can be competent channel manager.
Job requirements:
1, college degree or above, 1 - 2 years working experience in sales industry;
2, a sales background of the industry are preferred to the development of the sales industry is also outstanding graduates;
3, familiar with a variety of channel resources to find development, good at integrating resources, have better insight and discrimination ability;
4, with excellent analytical, problem-solving thinking and ability, strong communication, expression and negotiation skills;
5, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, practical work, a better ability to resist pressure; men and women not limited;
6, have a good sense of service, according to customer needs and the actual situation to provide professional guidance, contributed to the cooperation between the two sides, and customers to maintain good relations of cooperation.
  • Position2:Production clerk
  • Quantity:1
  • Education:College degree or above
  • Time:2021-02-01
Work description:
Warm hospitality customers, to provide guests with the best service
The use of courtesy language, timely response to customer needs
Obey the leadership, unity and good at helping colleagues work
Answer customer questions, collect guest comments
Actively participate in training, and continuously improve the service skills to answer
Job requirements:
Sex is not limited, age 22 to 28 years old
Work experience 1 to 1 years, academic requirements
Good character, honest and trustworthy, good health
Have a positive working attitude, work hard
Strong sense of responsibility, can do their own work
Hospitality enthusiasm, a strong sense of service
Obey the leadership and command, with team spirit
Consulting Service
Users in the course of any problems encountered, can call the free consultation Tel: 0755-21042483 Advisory
Replacement Service
Replacement period of the product, if there is indeed due to factory quality problems caused by the reasons, the user can go to the dealer free of charge.
Warranty Service
Warranty period of the product, if a quality problem, can go to the local after-sales service center to enjoy the warranty service.
Maintenance Service
Maintenance period of the product, if a quality problem, the user can go to the local after-sales service center or commissioned by the dealer for repair services.
  • Shenzhen shundarong Technology Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen shundarong Technology Co., Ltd
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