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company culture
First, the corporate culture outline

In the sustainable development of the company has always been committed to the building of enterprise culture, through unremitting efforts to gradually build "equality, pragmatism, passion and innovation" core values, committed to sharing with the staff of the company to bring happiness.
Corporate philosophy: equality, pragmatism, passion and innovation
Enterprise vision: To become China's most high-quality industry-specific display terminal solutions provider
Service Mission: customer-centric, adhere to quality first, to provide customers with products and services, shaping the industry model

Second, the form of corporate culture


The problem is not prevarication;

Find the problem without complaining;

Solve the problem is not active;


Will communicate and cooperate, will be concerned about adaptation;

Will seek knowledge innovation, will be doing things;


Can make due diligence, make suggestions;

To unite colleagues, fraternity in good faith;

Can obey the distribution, can be on the next;

Can be frustrated, hard work;

To be clean and self - discipline, abide by the law discipline;

To communicate and cooperation, and innovation;

【Staff Accomplishment】

Five kinds of spirit: self-consciousness, initiative spirit, self-blame spirit, team spirit, professionalism

Five kinds of consciousness: participation consciousness, innovation consciousness, cooperation consciousness, competition consciousness, anti-frustration consciousness

Five abilities: adaptability, autonomy, communication, coordination and choice

Five styles: pragmatic style, modest style, cautious style, Xi Shi style, and trustworthy style

【employee rules】

All employees should abide by all the rules and regulations, management methods, circulars and announcements of the Company.

Focus and understand what kind of talent the company needs, require self-improvement, and meet the requirements of the company, competition for new positions, ready for the future.

Abide by professional ethics, not to divulge business or duties on the trade secrets, loyalty, strict self-discipline, not privately carry public goods out of the company.

All staff must understand the work process, only to improve efficiency, excellence, in order to obtain the opportunity to improve and enhance the welfare, mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and the company advance and retreat.

Employees shall be liable for damages in case of negligence or intentional loss to the Company.

Not to engage in private business with the company's business or part-time job outside the company.

Subordinate to the higher level of work arrangements, if different views should be mildly informed or written statement, a decision by the supervisor, strictly abide by the implementation.

At all levels in charge, should be the correct leadership of their staff, help each other to improve work efficiency, quality and time to complete the task.
Consulting Service
Users in the course of any problems encountered, can call the free consultation Tel: 0755-21042483 Advisory
Replacement Service
Replacement period of the product, if there is indeed due to factory quality problems caused by the reasons, the user can go to the dealer free of charge.
Warranty Service
Warranty period of the product, if a quality problem, can go to the local after-sales service center to enjoy the warranty service.
Maintenance Service
Maintenance period of the product, if a quality problem, the user can go to the local after-sales service center or commissioned by the dealer for repair services.
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